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rq_claims's Journal

Chad, Tiff and Kira
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This community is no longer a claim community, despite the user name.

This is a shared journal between three people: ithinkiamfree, ringring and xharlot.
You may still join to read, but you will not have posting access.

"xharlot <---the alleged brains behind the operation" uniquelynormal, I was NOT the one who came up with that idea. I was the one who redecorated the journal, dumbass. Dude, get your story straight before you start accusing the wrong people. Wow.

And what the fuck? I'm in love with both the pedophile and heroin cunt. Psh. - Tiffany

"¤May they all contract syphillis while sleeping with one another.¤" We already have<333